HCG and your Skin

So, there is a lot of things that comes to mind when wanting to lose weight and one of them are usually “will I have loose skin after losing all the weight?”

 So, I will be diving into a few aspects of weight loss and loose skin with you in this article.

Avoid loose skin while on our HCG diet

Many of you are wondering if you will end up with loose or saggy skin after losing weight on our HCG protocol. This is definitely a valid question for those currently on the program or those considering joining.

Lose a lot of weight fast + no exercise on HCG= A lot of extra, flabby skin, right? Well not necessarily.       If you do not know this already, our HCG diet is actually one of the BEST diets and weight loss plans out there, no matter how much weight you may have to lose, it can help shed unwanted fat quickly and naturally, but that doesn’t mean with our HCG diet that once the fat is gone that loose skin will just be hanging there. Not exactly and here is why.

For those of you who are new to our HCG diet, it is important to foremost understand what HCG is and how it can affect your body and weight loss.  HCG stands for Human Chronic Gonadotrophin which is a hormone that is naturally found in the body and is heightened when woman is pregnant.  This hormone is responsible to make sure that the growing baby gets all the nutrients it needs. When the mother is not eating enough calories, it uses your abnormal fat as fuel for the body. Not only will you be losing weight but it also improves your metabolism. Can this dramatic weight loss have a major effect on your skin? The answer lies in the HCG hormone itself, a common feature that pregnant mothers experience is a very healthy glow (Aka pregnancy glow).

The HCG is not only for protecting the baby but also there for protecting the mother. One of the biggest factors of HCG is it affects the skin. Only with HCG is a woman’s skin able to stretch so far and rapidly during pregnancy and quickly restructure it to a normal state. HCG actually improves your skin’s elasticity and can remove cellulite & skin dimpling as your body is also producing more collagen. Because of its profound and beneficial effects on the skin and its ability to utilize your body’s abnormal fat, our HCG diet can provide great body contouring with the benefits of also losing weight.

Here are a few tips that also needs to be done whilst on our HCG weight loss program to help maintain your skins elasticity.

  • Drink plenty of water- Healthy skin is hydrated skin, so drink enough water.
  • Exercise- Firm Muscles and a toned look can improve the look of your skin and prevent sagging.
  • Keep skin Moisturized- A good skin care regime is great for your skin as this will help the skins elasticity and firmness. Coconut oil has amazing benefits for your whole body but specially for your skin as it nourishes your skin.
  • Eat Nutritiously- Eating right is also a must for anyone that wants to keep a firm skin. It is important to follow a healthy eating lifestyle as it becomes a habit during our weight loss program.

So, purchase your HCG drops or injections today and starting your full body transformation