HCG and Surviving Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and we all know what that means. Boxes full of chocolates from your special someone that make your pants feel a little tighter or binge eating with your friends while watching sappy romance movies so here are our tips on how to avoid the extra weight that comes with this romantic time of year.

Valentine’s Day can either be all about you and your significant other, or it can be about watching everyone else and their significant others.  Either way, don’t let the temptation of the mountains of chocolate or ice cream get in the way of your weight goal. Here are some tips:

Decide to abstain completely from all sweets on V-Day.

This may seem like an impossible task, especially if you have little or no willpower. You may find that if you nibbled a little, you end up nibbling a lot. It’s best to make a decision to just not touch a thing. Chew a lot of gum, drink hot tea all day- keep your mouth busy.

Make a Valentine’s Day HCG treat to enjoy

We have plenty of sweet and tasty Valentine’s friendly HCG recipes,here are some ideas Strawberry Sauce over Cottage Cheese,Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri or strawberry Sorbet and many more quilt free recipe you can pick and choose from.

Consider Staying In

It might appear to be more work, but remember that you have a partner to help you chop, dice, and cook. Valentine’s Day is only one day a year. Making an extra effort to prepare a delicious and healthy meal will be well worth the work.

Ask For a Non-Food Valentine’s Day Gift

This could be flowers, a gift certificate for a fancy massage, or even a card. Love knows no price or material possession, and you don’t need to always show your love with food or fancy treats. Asking for a gift that doesn’t involve food or candy is a great way to avoid unwanted Valentine’s Day treats that may derail you from your healthy eating plan and workouts.

Follow these tips to enjoy a healthier, happier Valentine’s Day. No longer will you fear the candy, chocolate, or lavish dinner. With your arsenal of little tricks, you can put the anxiety aside and truly enjoy this season of love.