Building a Support System

Building a Support System

Building a Support System

Losing weight and our partners who support us.

Healthy food? No, Thank you!

Do I seem fat to you? 

Would you still love me, if I don’t lose weight?

Why do you want to change your lifestyle now?

Is their somebody else?

I don’t want to be on a diet!

There is nothing wrong with the way you look!

These are all phrases we are all confronted with when deciding to change your lifestyle and shed those extra few kg’s. 

When ones loved one is confronted with the I am going on a diet statement, fear is the first emotion that pops up. Usually, you are then bombarded with varies of questions about Why? and replies like, there is nothing wrong with you! You feel unsupported and this may lead to an argument over unspoken feelings. How do you make your partner support your new lifestyle change or maybe even get your partner to join the HCG diet? For some, this is not a problem, where you are lucky and your partner is very supportive and are even willing to join this new lifestyle change. Thank your lucky stars and be grateful that you have such a supporting eating companion.

When it comes to losing weight and changing your lifestyle your partner can either make or break your success. It is important to have an in-depth conversation with your partner before starting your new weight loss journey.

In this article, I will address the importance of having a supportive partner and maybe convince them to join your lifestyle change.

Step 1: Explain your decision.

It is crucial to explain your reasons why you want to make this change at this point in your life. Your reasons may be obvious to yourself, but just keep in mind that your partner may not share the same perception of your body and doesn’t look at you with the same critical eyes that you have when facing the mirror. Explain the importance of changing one’s lifestyle and how it will better both of you.

Step 2: Create like-minded goals.

If your partner wants to join your new Diet Doctor weight loss journey, wonderful! For those who are not as fortunate to have their partners join them, it is important to be on the same page and communicate about how you are going to accomplish your goal without being led into temptation by your partner. Remember communication is key! Explain to your partner how you want him/her to assist you during this journey and ask them that they will be open-minded about the new food preparations and will try some recipes before just refusing. Ask your partner to avoid buying your favorite snacks or eating sugar treats in your presence. 

Step 3: Date Night and Special Occasions.

A common difficulty during this journey is staying on track and avoid cheating during special occasions or on date night. This is not an easy challenge and you will be tempted! Have a positive mindset about food and ask your partner to be supportive on these days. Remember your partner is more important than food, so rather than avoiding these events get creative with activities that you can do on these special days that would not be harmful to your new HCG diet and are still fun for both your partner and you. Try a movie night with some creative healthy snacks and recipes that you can find when you have purchased your HCG Diet ( in the Diet Doctor’s VIP Slimming Lounge.

Step 4: Incorporate your family

If you have kids, it can be more challenging to create time for just you. It is best to get your whole family to join in. The Diet Doctor’s VIP Slimming lounge has great 4minute workouts that you can do with your partner and the kids. It could be a great bonding session while creating healthy habits for all. Incorporate some of the scrumptious Diet Doctor recipes for dinners, desserts, and lunchboxes that you can find after your HCG diet purchase on Ask your family to be your very own personal cheerleaders during this journey.

Step 5: Changing habits

This is probably one of the hardest steps to follow, as one struggles to change your habits not even thinking about changing your partner’s habits. This is very important because your eating habits will most probably be changing dramatically. Be very clear and specific to your partner on what will be best for you and how he can be supportive during these changes. Junk food and takeout be clear to your partner on your feeling about this and explain to him that you would be preparing more home-cooked meals but if your partner decides to get takeout to get you something healthy that is on your allowed food list. Be creative with recipes and new food ideas, have a pizza night where you use a cauliflower dough and pizza toppings that is not harmful to your diet.

 Step 6: Talk about your relationship

Communicate effectively with your partner about this sudden change in your life and state clearly why you are starting this new journey. You need to assure your partner that you want to lose weight has nothing to do with you looking for someone new as this could be a reason why your partner is not keen on the idea of you losing weight, it is all about yourself and your self-love! You want to take pride in your appearance and that you are doing this for him/her as well as this change would help spice up the relationship as you would be more comfortable to try different things. It will benefit your health and stamina to do more outdoor activities!

Step 7: Build a support system partner should not be your only support system! Create a team of cheerleaders for yourself that are supportive in your daily life and would help keep you motivated during those vicious cravings and hunger times. Ask friends and other family members to motivate and support you during this change. Join our Facebook group “How to lose 10kg in 30 days” where you surround yourself with people that are on the same journey as yourself. Allow these members to support you during the good and the hard times on your HCG weight loss journey. If you haven’t ordered your HCG diet yet, send us an email and start your HCG diet.  Be proud of this wonderful journey to be the best of you!  

Building a Support System