What are the Advantages of our HCG Diet?

What are the Advantages of our HCG Diet?

Weight loss is a major trend in today’s society. Unhealthy food is cheap and assessable, and our lifestyles are increasingly more sedentary as time goes on. With the advent of computers and the internet, far more people than ever before are able to make a living without resorting to manual labour. While the rate in which technology improves our lives is staggering, and is not helping our health either as we spend hours on end sitting in front of either the TV or Computer with little or no movement. If you find yourself wanting to lose weight, there is no better method than using our Homeopathic HCG Drops or HCG injections to lose weight fast.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using real HCG in order to lose weight:

The HCG diet does not require exercise I order to lose weight. But we do however recommend doing 20 minutes of exercise 3 times a week. Any Exercise is good for weight loss. If you find yourself already pressed for time, or just exhausted at the end of the day, then the HCG diet is here to the rescue. Weight loss is achieved through daily injections of the HCG hormone or use of our Homeopathic Drops and following our 800 calorie protocol for simple weight loss.

Our HCG weight loss protocol consists out of a 800 protocol that consist of a list of approved foods that you can have while on our simple weight loss program. This list is contains no starches or sugars and consists of lean proteins, vegetables and fruit. If you’ve been looking for a way to eat healthier, but weren’t sure where to turn, this is it. Once you’re finished with the HCG diet, you might just find that you’ve acquired the knowledge necessary to continue eating a healthy, balanced diet in order to maintain your weight loss.

The health benefits of losing weight are myriad. Weight loss has been shown to reduce the effects of type 2 diabetes in those who have been diagnosed, sometimes even eliminating them altogether. It’s easier to breath after losing weight as well. Also, your blood sugar levels will often stabilize and your risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes will be dramatically reduced. Not to mention you will feel and look excellent while enjoying a much healthier and active lifestyle do to all the weight loss.

These are just some of the potential benefits of losing weight on our HCG Protocol. If you’re curious about trying the diet for yourself, or simply want more information then you are in the right place, there are many benefits associated with the HCG diet.

HCG Injections/ HCG Homeopathic Drops (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

HCG is a hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy (the same hormone detected in home pregnancy kits). It was first used to help weight loss because several physicians noted that overweight women actually lost weight when they were pregnant. More than a dozen medical studies have shown that combined with a low calorie diet, HCG increases fat loss and helps with weight loss and Centimetres.

Some of the benefits of HCG include the following:

1) Positive effect on mood

2) Increased energy levels

3) Relief of back pain

4) Relief of migraine pain

5) More rapid loss of centimetres

6) Lowers Cholesterol

7.) Eases menstrual cycle

History/General Information

By using a combination our HCG injections or our HCG Homeopathic Drops, HCG mostly focuses on losing and maintaining weight by shifting one’s food intake 800 calories while taking daily injections of HCG or HCG Homeopathic Drops.  This combination helps to reset one’s metabolism to ensure long-term weight loss.

The HCG diet was originally developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons to aid clinically obese patients in quickly returning to a safer weight zone to avoid deadly health conditions. Research of 40 years and thousands of cases conducted by Dr. Simeons has lead to the concept of the HCG diet, which is meant to be a healthier interpretation and implementation of weight loss rather than the purely cosmetic, over-hyped diets of today. Unlike other mainstream diets, the HCG diet refocuses one’s attention to smaller portions, less fatty foods, less fatty topical products and structured routines that promote more long-term weight-loss. It is not a diet solely for the purpose of losing weight to look good.

The HCG diet is meant to promote a healthier lifestyle through careful consideration and use of less fatty foods and products. It is combined with rapid weight loss to help patients get back into safer weight zones so that they are out of immediate danger and can focus on the internal changes that will promote healthier living for years to come.


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