Our HCG diet involves eating 800 calories a day. Our HCG consists of selected proteins, fruits and vegetables and starches that you can spread throughout the day to avoid getting hunger pangs, food cravings, and low/high blood sugar.

You must include 3portions of fruit, allowed amount of protein and  Vegetables for lunch, and allowed protein and  vegetable for dinner too .You also do have 2 optional snack throughout the day that consists out of a half a portion of allowed starch and a fruit, this can also be incorporated in your main meal if you did have it for the day.

How to maintain the weight loss after completing the HCG diet?

After losing the desired amount of weight, while on our HCG diet, maintaining that weight loss is just as tough. Avoid calorie-high foods as much as possible, and try sticking to what you were eating during your HCG diet. Maintaining   exercise is important too.

Don’t panic now that you’re off the HCG diet, and take it one day at a time. Developing a routine helps too; make a plan or chart of what food you’re going to eat, when, and stick to it. If you feel like binging with an oily Chinese dinner, then go ahead; avoid feeling guilty. Give yourself a 3-5 kilos leeway. After all, the human body is not a machine and needs some space to breathe. You can correct your binging by eating healthy and properly for a few days afterwards.

If you feel that you need to go on the program again to get rid of some extra weight you have picked up by over indulging after the HCG program, you can purchase your HCG drops or Injections here today and get back to your goal weight again.