Warning Signs Your Body Is Retaining Too Much Fluid

If you notice that your body is swelling at times, without a reasonable cause, it can simply be excess fluid due to a change in lifestyle or condition. Detecting the signs that your body is retaining fluid and understanding what can trigger such water weight can help you decrease inflammation and swelling all around. No one likes to feel bloated, so getting to the root of the issue ahead of time can help save you the stress and insecurities. Also remember when your body is retaining water the number on the scale can also go the wrong way as you will be weighing more.

When you’re retaining excess fluids and holding more water weight than usual, it can make you feel insecure and pudgy, very unlike how you want to feel each day. Holding excess fluid doesn’t equate to kilograms, so sometimes you might feel larger than you really are simply because of the appearance of the fluid itself on the exterior of the skin. Don’t let it rock your confidence. Here are a few ways to know if your body is holding on to too much water and needs to decrease its inflammatory response:

  1. Constipation
    If you’re eating a high sugar diet, which will even include natural sources, such as fresh fruit, you might be holding on to excess fluids. Make sure you exhibit proper portion control, instead and be sure to also drink enough water.
  2. Eating Salty Foods
    If you’re eating a diet that is high in salt, which can be in hidden places, such as cured meats, packaged soups, breads, and condiments, you’ll likely become dehydrated. Dehydration will cause you to hold more water and be inflamed.
  3. Irritability & Stress
    If you’re totally cranky and stressed during the day, you’re going to produce excess cortisol, which in turn will increase inflammation and water retention in the body. Try and find healthier outlets for managing your stress and irritable mood swings, such as yoga, meditation.
  4. Injuries & Sore Joints
    If you’re injured or have sore joints and muscles, you’re probably going to be showing signs of inflammation, which can lead to excess water weight and a sluggish metabolism.
  5. Chronic Fatigue
    If you’re super tired all the time, it could mean that your body is under stress and is overworked, which will cause you to hold onto fluids. If you’re actually not sleeping, that will increase cortisol levels and slow the metabolism. All of these attributes will make you more bloated.

Whilst on our weight loss program you will adapt a new way of eating and this will in turn change your eating habits and can also help you to get rid of the excess fluid. We start our happy shrinker off with a 3-day detox which helps get rid of all the toxins and impurities out of the body and also reduce water retention. This is one of the most important portions during our weight loss program as this prepares your body for the weight loss journey ahead.