Update your look during your HCG Diet journey

Whether you’re just a few kg’s away from your goal weight or are still working towards your goal weight, there’s no reason to wait on looking great.

Mini makeovers throughout the course of your weight loss program will not only give you an instant ego and energy boost, they may even inspire you to stick with your plan.

People who see you every day don’t always notice the weight loss, but when you’ve got a great new hairdo or you update your cosmetics or even your colour pallet, it can be a real “wow,” and suddenly people are saying ‘You look great!’. When they say you look great, it absolutely rubs off and you start feeling amazing.

These are just the kind of compliments that can keep you going when the dieting gets rough, and our current #dietbetsa can kick start a makeover with a photoshoot for you with that extra cash in the pot.

The best news is updating your look may be easier than you think. It all starts with your attitude.

Toss away those preconceived notions of how you viewed yourself before, and begin looking at yourself in a whole new — and thinner — light, that means forgetting many of your old “rules” — like “I can’t wear that!” Or “this style does not suit me”.

Makeover Magic Starts at the Top

When it comes to a new image, perhaps nothing works as quickly as a new hairdo. But, experts advise, don’t just rearrange the style you have — go for something brand-new!

Try a really sleek, modern haircut, one that doesn’t have a lot of girth, and look for a style that offers contours that can slim the face and work with the overall proportions of your new body — the way you look now.

Taller women should keep their hair at shoulder length or just below, adding layers to create emphasis around your eyes, cheekbones, and jaw.

The one style you probably want to avoid: A chin-length pageboy with ends that turn under.

Another trick: Treat yourself to a professional hair colouring — one that uses tones of your natural shade to create a more slender appearance.

1. Use accessories to draw attention to your face. Earrings and necklaces will bring the eye upward.

2. To slim the face, choose earrings in a triangular shape. For dangles, the longer and leaner the style, the slimmer your face.

3. Wear jewellery that’s in proportion to your body. Overly large pieces will draw attention to your size; teeny-tiny jewellery will make you look larger. Your pieces should be seen but not command the whole show!

4. Never underestimate the impact of a good bra. Make sure to get refitted for a new one for at least every two-dress size you lose.

5. Instead of buying a new wardrobe every 10 kilograms or so, have your clothes tailored every time you drop two dress sizes. When you drop the third size, buy new basic pieces — a jacket, skirt, trousers, a pair of jeans, and two tops.

6. Choose tops that show some skin on your chest without revealing cleavage. Generally speaking, the lower the neckline, the slimmer you look.

7. When it comes to grooming, don’t forget hands and feet. They can go a long way in giving you a polished look, no matter your size.

None of this should cost you a fortune. With small adjustments you could make the changes.

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