Don’t Get Burned by Diet Burnout

So you finally decided lose extra weight and start living a healthier life. You began your weight loss program full of enthusiasm and willpower. The kilograms started coming off, you felt terrific, and the compliments kept coming your way. But along the way to your goal, something happened. The idea of living a healthier lifestyle forever begins to feel more confining than freeing. The Krispy Kremes are calling your name — loudly… and the end of the year drawing near has started to take its toll on you.

You’re suffering from diet burnout. What to do?

First, make sure you’re not being too hard on yourself, other common reasons for diet burnout include:

> Unrealistic goals and expectations for weight and body image

> Trying to stick to a fad diet

> Stress

> Hitting a weight plateau

Tips for avoiding burnout and staying motivated:

Make a plan

Don’t get caught with an empty stomach in a boardroom full of doughnuts. Plan healthy meals and snacks throughout the day to prevent temptation.

Find an exercise buddy

A companion will keep you entertained while you exercise and will keep you accountable for your workouts.

Get some new food ideas

Dieters often lose motivation when they get bored with the same old foods. For meal planning and menu ideas, check out our website for some really great recipe inspiration.

Treat yourself (not to food, of course) whenever you meet a goal.

Buy a new exercise outfit, or get a massage, manicure, or facial.

Don’t sabotage yourself.

For example, don’t volunteer to bake cookies for the kids’ bake sale if you’re too tempted to sample the goods.

Aim for short bouts of activity throughout the day to burn extra calories.

Climb the stairs to the office restroom on the third floor. Chase your 3-year-old around your living room for 10 minutes.

Stay positive.

Think of dieting as taking care of your health, not as punishment.