Avoid Loose Skin with the HCG Diet

Many of you out there may be wondering if you’ll end up with a lot of saggy, loose skin during or after dieting on HCG.  It makes sense to consider this, and it’s definitely a valid question for all you HCGers and potential HCG dieters out there.

Lose a lot of weight fast + no exercise on HCG = a lot of extra, flabby skin, right? Well, not necessarily.

If you don’t know this already, the HCG diet is actually one of the BEST diets and weight loss plans out there, no matter how much weight you may have to lose, and especially if you have tried other diets with little or no success like some of us have. We know that the HCG diet amazingly suppresses appetite and helps you shed unwanted fat quickly and naturally, but does that mean with the HCG diet that once the fat is gone that loose skin will just be hanging there? Well, not exactly. Here’s why…

One of the biggest factors of HCG is its effect on the skin. Only with HCG is a woman’s skin able to stretch so far and rapidly during pregnancy and then quickly rebound and return to its normal state. HCG actually improves skin elasticity and can remove cellulite and skin dimpling. Because of its profound and beneficial effects on the skin and its ability to pull abnormal fat, the HCG diet can actually provide great body contouring. If done correctly, and a max of 10kg is lost per round of HCG (as recommended by Dr. Simeons, the original creator of the HCG diet) most HCG dieters do not have issues with excessive or loose skin. (If more weight loss is desired then another round of HCG must be done). Most HCG dieters are pleasantly surprised at how quickly they drop the weight and that they just seem to be “shrinking” from everywhere…including their skin.