We celebrate drum roll…????????
Warrior: Natasha Cronje 
Total weight loss: 8.5kg
Total cm’s loss: 73.5cm
I started my journey on the 15th August 2021 and looking in the mirror was a miserable experience. I started at 66.5 kg with a height of 165 cm giving me a BMI of 24.4 which is technically still within normal range but quite frankly looking at myself nothing felt normal about my body. The extra weight I was carrying around was nothing compared to the emotional baggage that was dragging alongside me. Two months on this journey taught me some valuable lessons, I love my own reflection and I love what my body is capable of. I have lost 8.5 kg. I am now sitting comfortably at 58 kg and I have lost 73.5 cm. Aside from how easy this program is to follow and how many great meals you can make yourself, the thing that makes this program truly amazing is the support from the coaches and from the other people on this journey too.
I will start working through all the documents and let you know my thoughts. I love the Deep Dives and the Mediations. There really isn’t anything about this journey that isn’t possible. Obviously, some days just run away from you and you might fall asleep from being overly exhausted but it is easy to make time for self-improvement if you are in the right headspace and you are committed.
So yes, some days you may fall short and not make it through everything but that is life and life throws us some curve balls, it is up to us to keep going and pushing through and being better the next day and the next day and keep improving by 1% each day and acknowledging our slip ups so we can ultimately break the patterns that have been consuming our lives.