Wellness Wednesday Tips

Everyone thinks there is one secret to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is not just one thing, but the sum of several key things combined. This is exactly our Ditch the Diet Revolution. It is a lifestyle. Life is not about what diet you are on or what challenge you opt in, instead it is about living your life to the fullest at your optimum health.

1. Chew Your Food.

Sounds pretty basic and should go without saying BUT we all forget, and I am right there with you. We are so used to chewing feverishly or not chewing at all because we are so busy and want to get to either the next bite or our next task. Chewing is one of the first steps of digestion (thinking, smelling and salivating are the ones that come before that) and is a crucial step most of us miss. Have you ever eaten so fast you have a stomach ache? Could be because you swallowed too much air but could also be due to the fact that you did not give your body a chance to digest the food and it’s working overtime to do so. Slowing down and chewing will help you realize sooner when you are full. Start counting how many times you chew per bite today to see if you chew at all! Slow down, enjoy your food and heck even put your utensils down between bites, make my day!

2. Sit Down to Eat.

Another one that should go without saying, but how many of us eat in the car, standing up, at our desk but on our computer, in front of the TV with a plate on our lap? I could go on, but you get the point. We are so out of touch with food and meal times that we eat out of habit, mindlessly and in a hurry. I urge you to sit down to eat and not in front of a TV or computer but at a table or surface and really enjoy your food. You will most likely feel more satisfied after the meal and won’t be as tempted to go grab something else to keep you company on the couch. Leave the couch cuddles for pets and humans, not chips and ice cream. Mindful eating is a skill anyone can acquire.

3. Drink enough water.

How many times do you reach the end of the day only to realize you never drank a sip of water? Many of us get by with coffee, food and sugar sweetened beverages when our bodies really need WATER. Grab a water bottle and keep it with you. Rule of thumb is to drink 2-3ltrs of water per day. You can also count your green and herbal teas as intake, unsweetened and with no milk of course.

4. Move throughout the day.

This one is especially for all you 1-hour fitness couch potatoes. You know, those of us who work out really hard 1 hour a day but spend the rest of the day sitting in a chair? This is not great for your health. Find ways to get moving. Maybe it’s a short walk on your lunch break. Maybe it’s petitioning to have a stand up work station. Maybe it’s being creative and making your own stand up desk. Maybe it’s challenging the office to a 50 air squats/day challenge. You get the point. Whatever it is, get moving DURING the whole entire day! Use our Exclusive VIP Slimming Lounge for the at home videos and supplementary exercises or add a reminder on your computer or phone every hour to remind you to get up, move, stretch and look away from the screen! Heck maybe even get a fitness tracker to see how many steps you are really getting each day, you might be shocked.

5. Get to Bed.

Seriously. We are walking zombies and sometimes we need to go to bed. You need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to be at your optimal health, yowza! And if you have problems getting to sleep there are things you can try before giving up. Get an eye pillow to block out light, don’t look at any screens an hour before bedtime, or even take some Ditch the Diet No Stress Oral Drops to help you wind down for the night. Sleep can help with everything including athletic performance, memory, behavior, anxiety, weight loss, sex drive and oh so much more. We could all use a wee bit more beauty rest, so if you are reading this in the dark, in bed, on your phone, shut it down right now and go to bed, NOW!

If these tips are overwhelming to you, that’s okay, start with one and you will be better today than you were yesterday. Once you’ve put one into place, start with the next and so on. Small steps can lead to a long term lifestyle change.

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