The Detox Phase​

The first 3 days before commencing on the shrinking protocol will prepare your body for the transformation process ahead. If you find the detox phase just too hard, please feel free to skip this.

Detox Rules:

  • Unlimited vegetables or roughly 300g of Fruit from the allowed list only 3 -5 times per day.
    3-4 litres of Plain water. You may also have Woolworths or Dope Flavoured sugar free Sparkling water as it can assist with hunger.
  • Unlimited amounts of plain black Coffee, Herbal tea or Green tea.
  • Alternatively you might prefer to juice for detox. We have included an amazing juice guide for your convenience.
  • Upon waking have a glass of lukewarm water with the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (You can also use boiled lemon juice). Preferably braggs, apple cider vinegar or any other brand of vinegar containing “The Mother”. The probiotics found in this vinegar is going to do amazing things for you on this journey and we encourage you to have it every day for the rest of your life. It is also a great kidney cleanse.
  • Diabetics may add a protein shake as needed to stabilise their blood sugar with every meal.
  • You may experience severe headaches, irritability and nausea during this phase. (Some Bovril/Marmite in warm water will help with the nausea)
  • You may use spice and fresh herbs when preparing meals, just make sure it does not contain added sugar or starches.
  • You may use coconut oil to prepare your meals.
  • Breastfeeding moms, please skip this phase.

Meal Samples

Juice Samples

My Kitchen - Detox - Allowed List

Phase 1 Vegetables (2 Handfuls per servings, unless otherwise specified) Phase 1 Fruits (300g per Serving)
Asparagus Apple
Aubergine Apricot
Baby Marrow/Zucchini Blueberries
Beetroot (fresh) Gooseberries
Broccoli Ginger
Brussel Sprouts Grapefruit
Cabbage/Kale Green Melon
Carrots (must be raw) Lemon
Cauliflower Rice Lime
Cauliflower Noodles (1 serving) Naartjie
Celery Nectarine (Mandarin)
Chillies Orange
Cucumber Paw-Paw
Gem Squash Peach
Green Beans Pear
Green Pepper Spanspek
Lettuce Strawberries / Rasberries
Onion/Spring Onion (Max. 2 tablespoons per day)
Patty Pans