PHASE 1,2 or 3 RECIPE-Kale, Turmeric + lemon green smoothie

1 big handful kale, spinach or baby spinach leaves, chopped (if using kale discard the tough stalks)

2 oranges, skin cut off (remove seeds)

1 lemon, skin cut off (remove seeds)

2-3cm knob fresh tumeric, peeled, chopped (optional)

2-3cm knob fresh ginger, peeled, chopped

1 cup cold water

4-5 ice cubes

Small handful mint leaves (optional)


Chuck everything in the blender, put the lid on tightly (as it will splash!) and blitz until smooth. Depending on how powerful your blender is you might need to blitz it for more/less time until there are no stringy green bits left.

Pour into glasses, drink and feel good!